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Thread Lift

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Thread Lift

Thread facelift is also known as thread suspension facelift. It is a safe procedure applied to prevent sagging that may occur in the facial area or to remove the sagging that occurs. In this procedure, temporary (fusible) and permanent threads are used. The gear system on the threads ensures that they are attached to the tissue. Threads placed under the skin eliminate sagging on the neck and face. The effect of permanent suspension threads is longer. The life of fusible threads varies between 6 months and 2 years.

With this procedure, it is possible to eliminate sagging on chin, cheeks, neck as well as deep nasolabial folds on the rim. The application is performed with local anaesthesia and takes about half an hour. The results are immediately observed. For this reason, foreigners refer to this procedure as a ‘lunchtime facelift‘. Because this procedure takes so short that it can be done even during the lunch break. However, the risk of infection should not be ignored. If adequate sterilization conditions are not provided, the patient may become infected.

For which Areas can a Thread Facelift be applied?

Thread facelift is a procedure that can be applied on both the face and neck area. It is also preferred for lifting hips, correcting breast sagging, and removal of arm and leg sagging.

What are the Steps for the Thread Facelift?

This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Fine needles are inserted into the skin. The threads are placed at the full length and pulled up. Thus, the skin is lifted. It is more effective if threads are placed under the skin in the form of a net.

The duration of this procedure depends on how many threads are placed. Usually 30 minutes or 1 hour is sufficient. Thread Facelift can be applied to patients between the ages of 30-65.  It lasts longer than filler procedures. However, if the skin sagging is too advanced, efficient results will not be able to be obtained from the non-surgical method. Those who have deep lines and excessive sagging on their skin are not the right candidates for thread facelift.

After the treatment, redness, itching and swelling may occur. These symptoms disappear on their own within a few days. After this procedure, heavy sports should be avoided for a few weeks, facial massage and dental treatment should not be done. Patients should sleep on their back for a while. This is a recommended precaution against the potential risk of complications.