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Mommy Makeover

What is the Mommy Makeover?

Maternity aesthetics, also known as Mommy Makeover, refers to a combination of specialized procedures aimed at correcting the physical changes that occur during and after pregnancy. It helps women get their pre-pregnancy body back with body contouring. Abdominal and hip fat, sagging breasts, swelling and cracks in various parts of the body can be eliminated with a single operation under the name of mommy makeover.

What are the steps of a mommy makeover procedure?

A standard mommy makeover procedure consists of tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast lift, labiaplasty and liposuction.

  1. Tummy Tuck: In this procedure, excess fat is removed from the abdomen. Excess parts of the skin are removed and a tighter appearance is obtained. It helps have a slim body and a flat stomach. The incision is made along the bikini line. The skin on the upper side is pulled and tightened. With this procedure, the excess and loose skin are removed and the muscles and skin are stretched.
  2. Breast Augmentation and Lift: Breasts swell and enlarge during breastfeeding. The breasts, which undergo such a change in order to accommodate the milk, will gradually begin to shrink and sag when the baby is weaned. In this procedure, a silicone prosthesis is placed on the breasts. Some soft tissues are removed from the skin. A healthy and smooth breast appearance is obtained. But it should be known that this procedure will leave a scar. Incisions are made along and around the areola and extend downwards.
  3. Labiaplasty: Inner lips of vagina become loose during the childbirth. This, of course, is a very uncomfortable situation for many women. In addition to the aesthetically bad appearance, this may also negatively affect daily life. Within the scope of labiaplasty, the loose inner lips are reduced and returned to their former appearance. Excess skin in the labia minora area is carefully removed. The patient recovers within a relatively short time.
  4. Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure of removing fat from areas with excess fat such as arms, back, hips and abdomen, which involves using cannulas and tubes. It corrects the body contouring and gives a more fit look. It is performed before the tummy tuck procedure.

What should those who have a mommy makeover consider?

  • There may be swelling and pain for 2 weeks after the operation. Heavy sports should be avoided. More attention should be paid to healthy eating than ever before.
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights for approximately 6 months.
  • The doctor may prescribe some painkillers to relieve pain. They should be used as described and regularly.
  • An appropriate sports routine should be established in order to ensure that the results of the surgery are permanent. A balanced diet and proper exercise will make it easier to maintain a fit appearance.
  • After the procedure, you should not smoke for at least two weeks.
  • The mother may be asked to wear a supportive bra and corset for 3 weeks. This should also be noted.