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Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction Surgery is a procedure performed to treat enlarged male breasts, also known as gynaecomastia. This problem may be due to genetic background, certain drugs or hormones. It can occur in adolescence, as well as after excessive weight gain or due to old age. Some tumours or chronic diseases can also cause gynaecomastia.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

This procedure can be applied to patients who are physically healthy, whose weight is at or close to the ideal level, and whose breasts are larger than they should be. Continued breast growth may require a second surgical intervention. If alternative medical interventions have not yielded results and the patient does not have a condition that will prevent recovery after the surgery, this procedure can be applied.

During the decision-making process for this procedure, the patient’s expectations, health status, drug allergies, previous diseases and treatments, used products and drugs, and risk factors are evaluated. Some endocrine functions are checked to determine whether the patient is eligible for surgery. Breasts are examined and detailed measurements are made for their shape and size. Then the position of the nipples, surrounding areolas and skin quality are examined. The patient is informed about the potential complications, risks and possible consequences of the surgery.

What are the Steps of the Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

This surgical procedure, which takes about 2-3 hours, is performed under general anaesthesia. The type of treatment varies according to the severity of the problem. If the enlarged mammary gland consists of fat and is soft, liposuction application alone will be sufficient.

Fat tissue is removed with the help of small cannulas. In case of dense fibrotic tissue, methods such as Vaser-ultrasonic liposuction can be used.

In case of sagging breast tissue and inappropriate skin quality, Laser Liposuction method is preferred. If it is foreseen that the fat removal process will not be sufficient in large breasts, the breast and adipose tissue are removed by an incision at the junction point of the areola and the skin. In addition, liposuction can also be performed. It may take up to 1 month for the results to become visible.

Things to Consider After a Male Breast Reduction Surgery

After this surgical procedure, the patient is asked to rest for 1 week. The patient can return to work the next week. Stitches are removed on the 7th day after the surgery. Loss of sensation in the nipple may occur, but this is temporary. This problem usually disappears completely in 6 months.

The patient is asked to wear a corset for 3 weeks after the surgery. The patient can start doing light exercises 1 month after the surgery. It is recommended to wait for 3 months before returning to heavy exercises.