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High Definition Liposuction

High Definition Liposuction

High Definition Liposuction is a procedure that can be performed under general or local anaesthesia and is based on breaking down the fat accumulated in the body with sound waves. This procedure does not harm body tissues. For those who want to have an athletic body, it allows to create muscle shadows in certain areas.

This method, which is similar to the classical liposuction method, is a procedure used in body shaping and providing curved and sporty body lines. A flat stomach, desired size of breasts and a thin waist area are possible with this procedure.

This method, which is also widely preferred by men, is used to shape the six packs in the abdomen and to highlight the Adonis muscles.

This process, which reveals muscle lines, shadows, edges and grooves, appeals to those who want to have a tight, slim and athletic body.

What are the Steps of the High Definition Liposuction?

Holes of 2-3 millimetres are drilled in the desired area. Sound waves are sent to these holes with the help of a special rod. Thus, fat cells become distant from body tissues. The gaps occurring as a result of this process, which can give a flat appearance, are filled with muscle shadows.

Fat tissue is removed from the holes created with the help of thin cannulas. It is possible to relocate the removed fat tissues to the desired areas. With the fat tissue removed from the male patients, the shoulders and chest muscles can have a voluminous appearance. In women, the patient’s fat tissue can be used for hip lifting and breast augmentation.

This procedure is carried out only through the drilled holes. It does not create an incision in the body. It may require an overnight hospital stay. However, it may take up to 3 weeks for the body to reach its final shape. In this process, it may be necessary to wear a corset.

As in other liposuction procedures, this procedure is intended to make the patient thinner and leaner, not to cause the patient lose weight. It aims to correct the body contour.

Who are the Ideal Candidates for the High Definition Liposuction?

  1. Those who cannot reach the desired form despite strict diet and exercise
  2. Those with a body mass index of less than 30
  3. Young or middle-aged people whose skin elasticity is not damaged are ideal candidates for this surgery. This method, which makes the muscle borders and other details in certain areas more noticeable, brings the desired areas to the fore.

While the classical Vaser liposuction method aims to reduce the size of the body in patients with regional fat, the High Definition Liposuction aims to break down the fat by high-frequency sound waves, thereby making muscle transitions, grooves and shadows clear. This process only breaks down fats and does not cause damage to nerve, vascular and connective tissue elements. Therefore, numbness and bruising do not occur after the surgery, and a natural, athletic and muscular body form is created.