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Breast Lift With Augmentation

Breast Lift With Augmentation

Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast lift and augmentation is an operation performed with silicone prostheses, which makes the breasts appear voluminous and upright. Breast augmentation and lifting consist of separate procedures, but sometimes they are applied in combination.

If the person’s breasts have a sagging structure, a solution can be provided for this problem by breast lift surgery. In some women, the breasts become smaller after the breastfeeding period and lose their aesthetic appearance. In such case, breast lift surgery plays an important role in the solution of the problem. Shrinkage of breast tissue can also be caused by excessive weight loss.

The aim of breast lift surgery is to restore the breasts to their former appearance and shape. The areola, the dark area around the nipple, can be narrowed. For the loss of volume in the mammary glands, breast prosthesis surgery can be applied in combination with the breast lift procedure. In other words, breast augmentation and lifting operations are performed together.

How is Breast Lift and Augmentation Performed?

In breast lift surgery, excess tissue around the areola is removed. The amount of skin to be removed is determined by the degree of sagging. After some surgeries, a vertical scar that extends under the breast remains. It is possible to plan it in the form of a reverse T-shaped scar. The fact that the nipple is 3 cm lower than the under-breast line means severe sagging. Mastopexy surgery to be applied in such case leaves a reverse T-shaped scar.

The aim of this surgical procedure is to move the drooping nipple to the required level, to remove the breast skin that is considered to be excessive with 3D technique, and to give the breast an aesthetic appearance. Different methods are applied according to the degree of deformation and sagging in the breast tissue, and each technique leaves different incision marks.

Combining breast lift procedure with breast augmentation surgery is one of these methods. In classical breast lift procedures, the size of the breast does not change. However, if there is a serious volume loss in addition to sagging in the breast, a breast augmentation procedure is also applied by placing a silicone prosthesis to the breasts. Thus, the sagging in the breasts is eliminated and the breast is brought to the desired bra size.

Round prostheses are generally preferred in surgeries where breast augmentation and lifting procedures will be performed together. Drop prostheses carry the risk of rotation due to looseness in the breast.

Things to Consider after a Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedure

  • Patient stays overnight in the hospital.
  • If a drain is used during the surgical procedure, it is removed the next day.
  • Patient is asked to wear a special bra and corset for at least 2 months. This is important due to the fact that they protect the suture lines from excessive pressure and keep the breasts stable.
  • It may be necessary to wait for bath and dressing change for a period of approximately 1 week or 10 days.
  • The incision lines are treated with special creams prescribed by the doctor.
  • Care should be taken to protect the area from the sun, especially for a few months.
  • In the first weeks, the upper part of the breast will appear more swollen, and the bottom part will look tighter and flatter. In the following months, the breast will gradually regain a natural appearance.
  • The patient should perform a regular breast massage as described. This will make the adaptation of the silicone with the breast easier.
  • Exercises involving arm, chest and shoulder movements as well as swimming, solarium and sauna should be avoided for 1 month.